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Friday, 17 June 2016

The British Council is a world leader in the teaching and learning of English

LONG recognised as an international language, English is spoken and used in almost every part of the world. It is vital to have a good command of the language to remain competitive in an increasingly globalised environment.

Much has been said about the declining standards of English among Malaysians in recent years, so if you are looking to brush up your proficiency of the language, visit the British Council.

Since its establishment 80 years ago, it has been a world leader in the teaching and learning of English. It offers the SMART English Course for those who wish to be able to speakconfidently and write effectively, quickly.

The compact programme is ideal for post SPM and STPM students who wish to bring up their levels of English before startingcollege or university, as well as adults with flexible hours.

Besides the core English lessons, students will also learn Soft Skill modules to help them stay ahead in work, studies and life.

There are four levels – Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate – each with four modules. Students will need to sit for a placement test to be placed in the appropriate level.

Each course consists of two 30-hour modules, conducted over seven weeks. Classes are three-hours long, conducted by highly qualified teachers, and held thrice weekly.

Through interactive, fun and engaginglessons with real-life activities, students will rapidly improve their English speaking,writing, reading and listening skills. You could also make friends with classmates from around the world!

Students would also receive certificates with grades upon completion of each module, and have access to a wealth of online resources that they can utilise for further learning outside the classroom.

In addition, one can also attend weekly speaking clubs and writing practice sessions, for free. There are intakes for the full-time course every month. Classes are small and limited to 20 students each.

The British Council also conducts myClass, a flexible programme catered towards working adults, part-time students and business professionals that gives one control of their English learning journey.

Fret not about your lack of time, or inability to commit to a course due to its rigid timetables. With myClass, you can pick your preferred class dates and times, topics and lessons, right down to your favourite teachers.

For registration, please contact the British Council at 04 2559000, e-mail to or log on to


Sumber:  The Star Online