Non-profit school for underprivileged in Klang adopts self-sustaining model



SHAH ALAM: Beyond relying on the effort of its staff, volunteers and donations, a religious school for underprivileged students in Klang is making itself self-sustaining by rearing chickens, baking and sewing to generate income.

Wakaf Desa Fahmi’s founder, Dr Kamarolzaman Hajar says the school’s aim is to equip its students with life skills beyond what is typically learnt in classrooms. 217 final year students and academic members from Universiti Teknologi Mara’s Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying (FPSU) recently spent their whole day at Wakaf Fahmi to clean the school, fix its existing chicken coop and fence.

The group also hosted religious activities and an Islamic forum for all participants. The faculty’s CSR program was led by Khalid Yusof.

“The program is meant to train the faculty’s future graduates to become future CSR champions whereby they will lead more community projects for the betterment of our society.

“We chose to conduct the program at Wakaf Fahmi as we believe the outfit has adopted a good model of being a self-sustaining non-profit organization and education centre to benefit orphans, children of single parents as well as underprivileged children.

” The students also raised funds, collected books and sourced for donations in the form of food items for the children. The event was organised by the Centre of Studies for Construction, together with the Alumni of University of Texas, El Paso.

Source: New Straits Times