Jerantut and Temerloh schools closed for second day as hot weather persists


JERANTUT 11 APRIL 2016. Kakitangan Pejabat Meteorologi Batu Embun, Mohd Shamriza Saari 29, memantau suhu pada Termometer Maksimun yang terdapat di Pejabat Meteorologi Batu Embun untuk mengetahui suhu semasa di musim El Nino dimana daerah Jerantut dan Temerloh mencatat suhu melebihi 37 darjah. STR/NAZIRUL ROSELAN


KUANTAN: All schools in Jerantut and Temerloh will remain closed for tomorrow due to the extreme hot weather.

State Education director Datuk Rosdi Ismail said the directive was issued as a protection for students from being affected by the scorching heat.

He said the closure involved 117 primary and 46 secondary schools with a combined student population of 48,645 in the two districts.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and if the weather persists, we will announce the closure for Wednesday,” he said. Rosdi said all schools in the state should reduce or cancel activities outside of classrooms to safeguard their students.

All the schools in Jerantut and Temerloh were closed today.

Source: New Straits Times