Idris Jusoh: BB1M book vouchers scammers may face action

bb1m voucher 3103.jpg


PETALING JAYA: Those involved in scams related to the RM250 1Malaysia Book Vouchers (BB1M) may be prohibited from using them in future, says Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Indris Jusoh.

“We will investigate and locate the stores that have abused the vouchers,” he said during the iCGPA launch at the Higher Education Ministry on Thursday.

“We will then discuss with Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and will take action against the perpetrators,” he said

Among the possible measures to be taken against the profiteering bookstores was to disallow them from receiving and cashing in vouchers in the future.

He said action would be taken against the bookstores once enough information had been uncovered by the investigation.

Students who take part in the voucher scams could also face action, he said.

“It is not right (for students) to misuse the vouchers, as it is meant for them to purchase books.

“We will look at appropriate actions that can be taken. Perhaps those who misuse the vouchers may not receive a voucher for the next year,” he said.

An exclusive report in The Star on Thursday revealed that some students had used their BB1M to make money.

Instead of purchasing books, they would trade the vouchers in to bookshops for cash ranging between RM190 to RM230.

The bookshops would then report that they had sold books for RM250 and claim the money from the Government.

Source: The Star