PTA head denies bullying rampant in Klang primary school


Bullying cases in school are getting more rampant each day. ― Malay Mail pic


KLANG, March 29 — The head of the parent-teacher association in the school here where an eight-year-old boy was allegedly forced to snip off the tip of his tongue has refuted claims that bullying had been an issue there for some time.

He said last Thursday’s incident was the first case of this nature and that the school was not plagued by gangsterism as some parents and students had claimed.

The parent who has headed the association since 2009 said previous reports of students’ misdemeanours normally involved “minor” cases.

“The reports we receive usually involve students pinching and nudging each other but not with malice,” he said.

This was the first time he had come across an act where a student was ordered to snip off part of his tongue.

“I had my doubts when I heard about the incident. I want to let the police conduct investigations to establish what actually took place,” he said.

He said the headmaster did not comment on the incident as he wanted police to complete investigations.

A security guard at the school found  it hard to believe that five nine-year-olds were responsible for the incident.

He said he had seen several naughty students over the past five years he had worked at the school but the latest case was difficult to believe.

“We cannot believe everything children say. Sometimes they panic after doing something wrong and put together a story to get them out of trouble,” he said.

“In this case, the victim could not recognise any of the five bullies from that day.”

South Klang police chief ACP Azman Abdul Razak said investigations into the case were expected to be completed by Friday.

He said authorities were recording statements from the victim, the alleged bullies, witnesses and teachers.

“Recording statements from the victim, alleged bullies and witnesses would be a challenge as they are all under 10,” he said.

“These children need time to calm down and stabilise their emotions to make it easier for them to relate the story behind the incident.”

He said statements taken would be submitted to federal police as forensic investigators would be called in to gather evidence including blood samples.

In the incident, the victim claimed the bullies warned that they would rain punches on him if he refused to obey their order.

Selangor police chief Datuk Abdul Samah Mat has described the incident as one of the “most violent crimes involving juveniles”.

Source: Malay Mail