Principal’s mission and vision also contribute to SMK St Elizabeth’s success

High achievers: (From left) Hu Kai Ling, Lau Xin Hui and Lau Yee Hui showing their results.

SIBU: SMK St Elizabeth here again achieved remarkable results in the 2014 SPM examination by obtaining the best average grade (GPS) of 2.83, making it the only school in the town to score below 3.0.

The school is also placed top seven in the state after SM Sains of Kuching which scored 1.53, followed by SM Sains Miri (1.80), SM Sains Kuching Utara (1.84), SMP Lodge Kuching (1.97), MRSM Betong (2.14), Kolej Datuk Patinggi Abang Hj Abdillah, Kuching (2.41).

Senior assistant 1 Ching Huey Ching attributed the success of the school to its dedicated and concerned principal, Clement Chieng, who was instrumental in pushing the students and teachers.

“It is due to his dynamic leadership, including his clear and easy-to-follow mission and vision for all teachers and students,” she said.

Ching added that Chieng’s motivation, remedial and enrichment programmes had also benefited students and teachers.

“The teachers believe teamwork, dedication, diligence and concern are the keys to the success of the school. We not only place high emphasis on academic but also non-academic problems of the students,” she revealed, adding that the students were also well-disciplined and knew fully well the purpose of studying and coming to school.

Its top scorers included Sophia Lau Yee Hui who scored 9A+, 1A, 1A-; and Beautrice Hu Kai Ling, Grace Lau Xin Hui and Law Kai Xin who each obtained 8A+,2A,1A-.

Yee Hui, Kai Ling and Xin Hui told reporters their results were shocking as they were not expecting flying colours.

The trio, who were from the same class, attributed their success to the caring and hardwork of their teachers.

“We are very attentive in class. If we do not understand certain topics, we will either consult each other or ask our teachers,” they said.

As to what their ambition would be, Kai Ling and Xin Hui said they would complete their Form 6 first. Yee Hui was more specific as she wanted to be a doctor.

The school also has 22 with 5As and 6As, 10 with 7As, 20 with 8As, eight with 9As, 36 with 10As.

Meanwhile, SMK Sacred Heart has one student with 10A+ and 1A in Jason Lau Pick Hook. Three others got 9A+ each, whille 13 other obtained between 6As and 8As each.

Principal David Teo said its average grade had dropped to 4.11 but not the quality as more students had As in most subjects.

“This is a blessing. I would like to thank the students, teachers, parents, the school Board of Management for their hardwork in helping us to achieve this result,” he said.

Teo also showed his appreciation to Tan Sri Clement Hii, vice chairman 2 of the Board of Management, for his annual donation of study incentive to the school which motivated the students to take their studies seriously.